Welcome to an Actors perfect guide to success.

May 11th, 2010

This guide is going to reveal all the secrets to success I have discovered so far on my Journey towards becoming a successful Actor. This guide will contain every audition, job, story and new experience I have encountered and will encounter on the way through my Acting Career.

Journey Of An Actor – Choosing your GCSE’s wisely.

May 10th, 2010

My experience

Here I am, 14 years of age and being told I need to decide on my future career. Unlike many other teenagers in my class, I had a firm decision in mind.

My careers advisor asked me ‘what I would like to do in the future?’

I replied ‘I want to be an Actor’.

I was half expecting him to turn around like many realistic Adults would in a patronising tone and tell me that I should pick a career that I could make a living out of. However, he did not, instead, he told me that the extra three subjects I should choose for my GCSE’s should be Drama, Business Studies and another subject which would aid my practical skills such as P.E, a language or Music. I offered my determined year 9 handshake, took his advice and went to the deputy head of the school Mrs. Grearson to make my decision.

At the time of ticking my GCSE boxes, I was clueless that In the near future I would be sprinting for trains in London with a heavy bag full of costumes, trying to get on the last train home so I didn’t have to spend a night in the concrete jungle of Victoria bus station. If I did know this was going to happen, I might have considered taking P.E to focus on my physical fitness. Instead I took the sheet she handed me and ticked Drama, Business Studies and Music instead of P.E because I was learning the electric guitar.

What I learnt:

You need to learn as many skills as you can that will benefit you in the Acting industry as well as learning how to Act of course! Remember that education might bore you and you may well just want to leave school, become an actor and never set foot inside that prison they call an education system again. However, secondary school will prepare you physically, socially and mentally for the outside world as well as giving you the two subjects that colleges and A Level colleges will look for; Maths and English. (Science is important too but Maths and English are the big Keys to getting onto a practical Acting course or Drama A level).

Below is a list of GCSE subjects that will benefit you on the journey of becoming a professional Actor:


You will learn the basics of Acting from improvisation to devising your first production. You will have a Drama teacher that will be able to help you with monologues if you manage to get any auditions.


Being able to read and understand scripts quickly is an essential for any Actor. Focus in this lesson and remember you need this GCSE to get onto an Acting course or Drama A level course.


You’ll learn the basics of camera angles and the foundations of the film industry here. It would help any Actor wanting to go into Screen Acting.

Business Studies

Acting is a business and you as an Actor are selling your Acting skills to Directors in hope that they will give you a role.

Physical Education

It is important to keep yourself looking fit and healthy. P.E will keep you motivated to play sports, ultimately helping to keep you fit.


Being able to speak another language is a great advantage to have over other Actors if the Director is looking for an Actor who can speak the language of a character. It will also help you with Accent work and understanding how the muscles in the mouth affect the way you speak.


Being able to play an instrument is also a great advantage in the Acting industry, especially for Theatre work. Playing an instrument will help you to understand different rhythms and the moods they can create. You must always keep rhythm in acting too.

Food Technology

You are going to be living on your own so learning how to cook cheap and healthy meals is going to benefit you for the rest of your acting career. Eating healthy is vital to increasing your endurance; Acting is a very tough job and requires tons of energy.


Being an actor isn’t all practical. There are times when you will have to work out how much Tax you need to pay from your wages. You are also going to need Math skills if you ever want to work part time.